> Thanksgiving 2004

The Giant Produce Section
First we get some garlic
My mom and the produce guy consult about artichokes
Our cart full of tasties
One Artichoke
State Quarters Map
Sean looks at my iPaq
Mom cooking
My dish near completion
Sweet Potatoes!
Gravy fixin's
The table is set
Who made this delicious treat?
I love carrots, even tiny ones
Turnips a la Joan
Mmm, turkey
Mashed Potatoes.
Cranberry Sauce
Sean relaxes after the meal
I have to take at least on picture of myself
Sean, on the floor, reads
You'd better not put this picture on the internet
My drink of choice over the holidays
Excuse me, sir.  Are you drinking water from a scotch glass?
I can't escape it!
The Lincoln Memorial
Mom was nice enough to drive us to the train station
There it is!
Giant Head
Lots of steam
The National Archives
The Capitol
Union Station, Washington, DC