> St. Petersburg Day 2

The Hotel that we stayed in
Brett and Nicole
Brett so sleepy!
Self portrait
Outside Peterhoff
Pretty buildings
There are going to be a lot of pictures of buidlings...
And fountains...
Another fountain
2 Fountains
One of the 'trick' fountains
Look at the lined up trees
Lots of people were visiting Peterhoff
The man, himself
The sun fountain
Here is a closer look at the sun fountain
More of the gardens
All of a sudden I need to use the bathroom
And this was just his summer palace
And he really really liked fountains
Even little 'fountains'
A fountain on the roof!
Water for you
Just a little house in the country
I am not sure what this is a picture of
A Fountain and a Rainbow
We had to wear these slippers
A simple staircase
Gild is good
A big room
I bet this egg costs a lot
Purple glass for you
I am running out of clever titles
A Dragon! In Russia!
Russian Pepsi
That's the Russia I was expecting
We walk down a Russian Alley
A Russian car alarm?
Scott in a Russian hat
Me in a furry hat
The oldest super market in the city
Like good Americans we went to the mall
And for some reason everyone wanted me to take this picture
Scott and his wife Jaimie.
Another picture of the cute couple
Brett in front of KFC