> St. Petersburg Day 1

Just off the train in St. Petersburg
I don't know what this building is, but I like it
The bus to the hotel
The Grand Hotel Europe
A window in the Hotel
The hotel lobby
A dog lays down
A museum in the distance
A canal
The Church of the Spilt Blood
Church of Spilt Blood Detail
More Church of Spilt Blood detail
A cool building on the main drag in St. Pete's
Me in front of a canal and a palace
A nice photo of the canal and the bridge
Detail on the Victory monument
Victory monument
More details on the victory monument
A fortress in the distance
A bridge in the distance
This was a warehouse at one time
My boss taking a picture
Not sure what that is
Statue of Peter the Great
A nice palace on the canal
This is my favorite photo
I think that is a church
St. Petersburg is full of wonderful buildings
A part of the Hermitage
This is a church, but I have forgotten its name
You can see the people walking around on the rotunda
A statue across from that church
Another hotel in St. Petersburg
A great picture of that Statue
An Old Man and an alley
Star of David
An Irish Pub, in Russia!  And they serve Pepsi.
And palaces
There are statues everywhere
The Naval School
Some Sailors milling about
The Shot heard round Russia
A nice bridge
Driving into the Hermitage
And we're in the Hermitage
A Statue of some naked guy
Mummy dearest
The Czars liked gold
Catherine the Great's Carriage