> Punkin Chunkin 2004

A rag tag group of punkin chunkin - ers
There were the people there just for fun
Oh no, pirates!
Cigars and catapults
Mmmm, trebuchet
The Stage
They are singing the Punkin Chunkin Anthem
A retired air cannon
Mmm, pumpkin funnel cake
Catapultin' some pumpkins
The line of air cannons
Another chunkin - er goes home
Look at all those catapults
A catapult going home
You can just make out the trebuchet that uses people as its weights
Fire and Ice was the largest cannon there
I really wanted to get closer to them
Look at the size of those suckers
There were lots of people there
I said trebuchet more times this day then I ever did in my whole life
This trebuchet is from New Hampshire
Boing 30?
Who is that handsome man?
This is what separated us from some of the Punkin Chunkin - ers
How much is that doggie on the shelf?
The lady bug and I are chillin'
Ahh, the lady bugs like me
This ladybug landed on me
The World's Most Dangerous Slingshot
The guy on the arm gives you an idea of scale
I didn't even consider what the bathroom situation would be
This way to the Egress
Look at the size of those suckers
Air Cannons from behind
God Bless America
Old cars
My iPaq