> Phillies Game

Self Portrait
Citizens Bank Park
My first view of the field
Ye Olde Scoreboard
The Left View of the Park
The Right Side of the Park
Me sitting in my seat
The Phanatic Dancing on the dugout
Dance, Phanatic, Dance!
The field of 'Dreams'
Scott gives the old thumbs up
The Phanatic gets ready to shoot some T-shirts
Umpire's Unite!
Another Self Portrait
The game was pretty exciting
Scott and I crept closer to the field
Close Encounter of the Phanatic Kind
Phanatic Kiss
Phanatic Ass
Phanatic Hand Shake
Phanatic Yell
The Other Scott behind the Dug Out
Behind the Phillies Dug Out
I thought this sign was funny
The Camera Man
This guy was our nemesis
So close...
The Other Scott in front of, and to the side of, the dugout
Those Dudes were tussling over a foul ball
Ahh the dug out
Swing, batter, batter, swing.
The field was so close
The Phillies win!
And walk back to their dug out