> Moscow Day 3

The Second Floor of the Hotel
My Hand
The Bolshoi With a Flash Reflection
The Bolshoi Without a Flash Reflection
A building
The Wharton Banner in the daylight
Derzhavny Hall, which was across the street from our hotel
The Grounds at Kuskovo Palace
Walking towards the Palace
The Lake at Kuskovo
You can see the Palace in the distance
A chapel, I think
More Lake Shots
This is one of my favorite photos
We're getting closer
Not sure what this building is
Ahh the palace
It sure looks like a palace
Look at that crest
A bust of some dude
We got to eat in the tent
A garden and a building
More palace shots
The tent was very nice
Everyone looks so happy
The palace at night
Scott (not me) and Brett
Scott (not me), Brett, and Me
Scott (not me), Brett, Scott (me), and Monty
People looking at fireworks