> Kerry/Celtic Fest

On my way to the Kerry Rally
Johnny on the spot
Darn line for the metal detectors
Security on a building
Getting closer...
Look, it is some politician!
Even trees were there for the rally!
There were oodles of people there
Kerry and a boxer
A rally wouldn't be worth it without the media
Kerry working the stage
I'm John Kerry
I was far away from the stage
More talking
And Drexel too
30th Street Station
Owen applies ointment
Heeeeeeeeeere's Thad!
Owen in the driver's seat, Thad in shotgun
Our shadows!
Owen likes to drive up hills
A boat shaped house
We drove for 30 minutes, I was going to take a few pictures
More boat/house
Thad and Owen look at a car
My lunch
This is where Thad and I had lunch
Could it be?  A computer show?
People looking at cheap PC parts
As soon as we entered the computer show..
The doggies' bowl
Owen locks his garage while Thad looks on
Frisbee looking for a crotch to jump at
Release the hounds!
In the distance Celtic Fest awaits
Ahh the smithie
Toss that caber!
Caber tossing
A tossed caber
More cabering
Getting ready to toss
Pipers, none of which were down
My big fat Irish head
Hello ladies
Truck o' beer
Beeeeeeeeer truck
People in armor beating the crap out of each other
Death to the opposition!
Owen likes going out of business signs