> Austin 2004

Bird on a post
I took a few pictures of this building
The hotel I stayed in
Rope for sale
This is a monument to the confederate soldiers lost during the "War of States Rights"
Look, in the sky, Jefferson Davis!
Behold, Jefferson Davis!
Flags over Texas
The view from the Capitol
Welcome to the Texas State Capitol
Ahh the rotunda
George W.
England likes Texas
Everywhere you look, Texas!
Texans are a proud lot
This is the Texas I was expecting
The seal of Texas
I like this picture too
House Gallery Rules
Ahh that's where the Ladies are!
The Texas house of Reps
The Senate rules!
Ahh the rotunda
This may be my favorite picture I took in Texas
Busty Lady
Stars within Stars
On this star stood a fountain
Look at me!
Cowboy art sign!
Cowboy art!
Texas State Capitol
Remembering the Alamo
Man on top of the Alamo monument
Heroes of the Alamo
Remembering the Alamo
I also saw this Kerry sticking in the parking lot
I saw this Bush sticker in the parking lot
Mmm, water
I like taking pictures from behind trees
Texas declares independence
The Texas Archives
The monument from behind a tree
Quote from the Texas Constitution
Texas Mural
Texas has been a state for a long time...
Texas likes guns
The book is talking to me!