> Atlantic City Nov. 2004

A pound of Silly Putty
Atlantic City, here we come!
Dave's Bag o' Quarters
Welcome to Atlantic City
Trump Billboard
Trump Plaza
All hail, Caesar.
Closer to T Plaza
Mmm, saltwater taffy
Fairfield Resorts
Trump Taj Mahal
A lighthouse
Look, the ocean!
The Showboat Casino Floor
No Whammies!
Why look, a whammie
Wheel of Fortune!
I won!
Look at that winner.
Hot off my winning streak, it was time for lunch.
And what a lunch it was.
Oh, that Dave.  What a card.
We were the 6 of Hearts
Aaargh, it is Mr. Card-face
Eh, Showboat
The majestic Showboat Hotel and Casino
A view of AC from Harrah's
The Borgata
Buck's Ahoy
Look at all those Slots
Lots of pulling going on.
Why must Pepsi taunt me at every turn?!
B Tippy