I've been Blankbabied
Hey, you know who you remind of me...

Blankbabied in the Wikipedia


Sadly, it is marked for deletion because it is a Neologism (i.e. the coining of a new word or phrase).  Thanks for trying, Frank!

Now, one of the coolest things about Wikipedia is that it is self policing, so this article was marked for deletion within minutes of Frank creating it.  Apparently for every article that is up for deletion there is a page for voting about whether it should be deleted or not, and the page for Blankbabied (this link will probably cease to function shortly) is amusing:


Now, the deletion pages starts out in a good, academic tone and then degrades to 'Delete, delete, delete,' and concludes with the good Doctor calling all of this 'nonsense.'  It doesn't take an advanced degree to know that this is all, in fact, nonsense and that's why it is so much fun!

I have no doubt that one day Blankbabied will be in both the Wikipedia and the Oxford Engilsh Dictionary.  Mark my word, dear readers, it will happen.