This picture is priceless
Stop me if these Overheard in New York quotes get annoying

My Second Phillies Game

As some of you know I went to the Home Opener of the Phillies ysterday, and I had a hoot.

I went with my friend Scott, his brother G.C., and Becky, of Good Greif! fame, who is a big Phillies fan (or is it phan?).

Of course I took pictures, and I had lots of fun. Though there were some tense moments.

For example, I shared with Becky a very personal and long held dream of mine to become an announcer at a ball park (or stadium of some kind) and she said to me, 'I don't know. I think your voice is too.... nasally for that.' WTF, as Becky would say.

Sheesh, you invite someone to a ball game and they insult you.

Though she did redeem herself by turning to me, out of the blue, and saying, "The one good thing about the Pope dying..." which is a great way to begin any sentence.

Though a word of advice to Becky, if I danced like you I wouldn't do it in public.