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New Typepad Comment Notifications No Longer Suck

New Typepad Comment Notifications Suck

Ok, so suck might be a bit harsh, but I dislike HTML emails, and I dislike things that were working, and now are different but do less.

Comment notifications should contain a link to the post on which the comment was made. Makes sense right? The good old (plain text I might add) Typepad comment notifications did. The new, crappy ones (which look better) don't. That is a big part of the functionality gone.

Lots of times I want to respond to a comment, and now I need to figure out which post, and navigate to it myself. Is this a super big deal? Yes and no. If you get lots of comments (and I get a fair amount) and those comments tend to be a continuing conversations (like good comments should be) then it is a big deal.

Both Tom and Jeff agree. How about you other Typepadders? I am submitting a help ticket as soon as I done with this post.

Please, Six Apart, give us back our useful comment notifications!

UPDATE: Huzzah! Now that's what I call customer service. First Anil Dash comments on here and let's us know they are working on fix, and now the comment notifications include the post on which the comment was posted.

Six Apart, you dudes and dudettes rock!