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Google Doesn't like Philly Future

I know (well I think) that a few influential tech personages read Blankbaby, for whatever reason. Well, I am going to call in a favor (if I can).

I have become involved in the incredible Philadelphia blogging community that is being fostered by Karl at Philly Future. However, there is a problem:

Google has undeniable power. If you're being indexed by it - with quality content - it can send users your way that didn't know you existed before they searched. But if you're not indexed by Google - you don't exist. At least to a large portion of the web.

Philly Future isn't indexed by Google. The new (a year old!) version of the site isn't that is.

Despite the best efforts of some (thanks Shelley) - Philly Future is still not getting visited by the Googlebot.

I've signed up for AdSense. Maybe that will help. But I need to wait until I'm approved and that can take a week. If they look at their blacklist, and if Philly Future is on it, it probably won't make a difference.

This is painful.

Anyone have any ideas on how to get Google to pay attention to Philly Future, which is a really great asset for Philadelphia?