The Distinguished Gentleman from Oregon can respectfully shove it
You mean, I even get paid for it?

Another Blogger Fired

Jeremy C. Wright of Ensight was just fired from his job for blogging:

But, they fired me.

My Posts About Work

What did they fire me for? This post:

Getting to surf the web for 3 hours while being paid: Priceless.
Getting to blog for 3 hours while being paid: Priceless.
Sitting around doing nothing for 3 hours while being paid: Priceless.
Installing Windows 2000 Server on a P2 300: Bloody Freaking Priceless.

Again, the reason wasn’t that I was insulting (though I guess it could be interpreted that way. It certainly wasn’t in the best taste when viewed from my employer’s perspective). It was that I was “divulging company secrets".

This is why I don't talk about my work very often on this blog. Of course I would never divulge any sensitive data on this public blog, but why risk it when something as innocuous as that post can get someone fired?

The upshot is that I now know who Jeremy is and I have subscribed to his feed (I am sure he isn't that excited about that though).