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Shi mian mai fu (or, 'House of Flying Daggers')

housedaggers.jpgAs I mentioned before, I had a short day at work yesterday, and I got it in my mind to go see a movie, specifically 'House of Flying Daggers.' Having recently seen Hero, it made sense to see another Chinese movie.

After work, it was off to the Ritz for my movie. This is the first movie I have ever gone to alone, and it probably won't be the last. I am not sure why I have avoided lone movie going; if you think about it movie going is a perfect activity to do alone. You go to a big dark room and sit quietly for a few hours. Why do that in a group? So you can enjoy not talking to each other?

Anyway, I purchased some popcorn and a Sprite (thought I should have gotten a Dr. Pepper), and settled in for some movie watching. I was early so I read a little and watched as people trickled in.

There were quiet a few people there by themselves, further proving my theory about movies.

House of Flying Daggers was visually stunning, if a bit slow in parts (I admit that I nodded off for a few moments during the film). The fights were, of course, well worth the price of admission. They really are more liking dance routines than fights, but they are a lot of fun to watch.

Unlike Hero this movie suffered from a pretty lame script (which Julie warned me about before I went), and some of the acting was over the top.

The climactic fight at the end of the movie is well worth waiting for. Overall, I would say that House of Flying Daggers is a fine matinee movie.