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Cereality invaded by Philadelphia bloggers

Cereal for meYou would think that after I attended her party on Friday Becky, of Good Grief! fame, would have had her fill of Scott for a little while, but you would be wrong. Becky and I had another cross blog field trip on Saturday.

What exotic locale did we go to? Well, after seeing Guster, and pumpkins being chunkined the only thing left to do was go to a restaurant that serves only cereal, and as luck would have it Cereality just opened their second store in Philadelphia.

What is Cereality? A restaurant that only sells cereal and cereal related items (cereal bars, ect.), the most popular item (I assume) is the chinese cartoon full of cereal. For three bucks you get two scoops of whatever cereal you would like (I got Fruit Loops and Capt'n Crunch), one topping (crushed graham crackers for me), and the milk of your choice (whole milk is my choice) and a long spoon with which to eat your creation.

I met Becky at 1pm and Cereality was full of people hungering for cereal, and bloggers hungry for blogging material.

I was actually hoping to see lots of young women in pajamas, but there was only one person in the place dressed entirely in pajamas, and he wasn't my type. Ah well.

Cereality is pretty cool. They have free wifi, and who doesn't like that? In fact, I spied a young fellow with a laptop working away as he ate his cereal. Students + free WiFi = Student hang out. Of course we will ignore this for the moment, and say that the Wifi will be a draw.

They also have a touch screen where you can place your order, and even save it. Both Becky and I used the screen because who likes talking to people? Becky went through the trouble of saving her combination and created a username and password (I know the username but, since I am a gentleman, I averted my gaze when she entered her password, so I can't steal her combination).

For some reason they rang us up together, so Becky ended up paying for my water and cereal (thanks, Becky!). Since I am a dork I took a few pictures of the store for the blog, and they can be found here. I tried to photograph Becky but she threatened me with lawsuits, so I deleted the two pictures I took of her.

Overall, I think Cereality is here to stay, but it does worry me that the guy who owns it wants to be like Starbucks. I can't image this store working that well somewhere without a large contingent of easily accessible college students.

If you are in University City and you like cereal, check out Cereality. You might even see me there!