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I get paid to do Windows

Sometimes Switchers switch from a Mac to a PC:

I just wanted to properly eat crow, and admit to all of you that my Windows experiment was an abject failure.  A combination of crappy hardware, inelegant programming, in-your-face alerts, and a few other insurmountable factors have led me to eBay my windows laptop, and, since I already sold my 1.5Ghz PowerBook (for $100 more than it cost me… Yay developer discount and eBay craziness!), I’m writing this from my 1.2Ghz 12” iBook, which I will be delighted to use until the G5/Freescale (whichever comes first) PowerBooks arrive.

I have to say, I am now officially platform-biased.  I was nearly there before, but I am SEVERELY so now.

In this case, the switch didn't work out so well. I am biased, of course, but I think everyone who is reading this and hasn't tried a Mac in a few years should go to either your local Apple Store, or your Local Apple Reseller and give an iMac, a Powerbook, or a Power Mac a whirl.

Just think about not having to deal with spyware, viruses, or arcane system settings to make your machine secure. Plus, Macs run Office (and some say that Office for the Mac is better than the Windows version).

Ok, end of commercial.