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God Bless Craigslist

Found thanks to Craigslist Philadelphia: Seeking long term relationship with an uneducated woman - m4w:

Educated successful white male seeking a woman who has never completed college. Prefer a high school or community college drop out. A woman whose main goal in life is to get married and raise children, not be some cold-white-collar-corporate type.

Personally I find educated, intelligent, successful women are impossible to get along with. They are obnoxious, spoiled and have no domestic skills. In short these women are poor marriage material and would make terrible mothers.

Beauticians, dental hygienists, medical technicians also welcome to respond

Personally, I likes my women educated. I like to argue, and arguing is no fun with someone who doesn't share the same oeuvre with me is hard.

Oh, and the woman for me has to be able to deal with the fact that I use words like oeuvre creatively, a tall order to be sure.