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Set my Wifi Free

I can't speak for everyone out there, but I for one wouldn't mind being able to check my email during a basketball game. I am a very important man (remember, I am Philadelphia's most influential blogger) and there is no telling when I might receive a very important email from a Nigerian State Official.

Looks like I won't be going to any Mavs games. According to CNET Mark Cuban is against the idea:

"We want people into the games, not upset because someone spilled a beer on their PDA or because they missed a play because they were checking stock quotes," Cuban wrote in an e-mail to "We have talked about it, but it's not going to happen during a game. It's my call, no one else's, for Mavs games."

Damn you, Cuban!

Why Blankbaby?

The other day, while I was at Quizzo, the quizzo host (Johnny Goodtimes) remarked to my team that he had been to Blankbaby. I thanked him and told him that I was the most influential Philadelphia blogger (my theory is, if you repeat something often enough it soon becomes the truth).

One of my team mates didn't know I had a blog and enquired about the name of my blog. Blankbaby was my answer, since it is the name of my blog. She wanted to know why I named it Blankbaby, and I though perhaps other people may be interested in the answer (and hopefully react in a better way than she did, but more on that later).

I can't take all the credit for the name, some of the credit belongs to Elisa, since she did actually suggest Blankbaby.

Let's hop into the 'Way Back Machine,' shall we?

Several years ago I decided that I ought to have my very own .com, the question soon became what .com did I want? Since Elisa and I were an item at the time it was only natural to turn to her to bounce some ideas off of. We talked about it for a while, and what should start playing but Blank Baby by the Presidents of the United States of America (which is a fine song). Elisa said, 'Why not Blankbaby?'

So it was said, and so it was written. I thought the whole 'Tabula Rasa' idea behind Blankbaby was appealing and soon I was the proud owner of (which has very little content at the moment).

When I decided that I wanted a Typepad site the choice of name was an obvious one.

Now you know.

So, when I got to the part about the Presidents of the United States of America my teammate shouted, 'Oh my God! You CAN'T be serious!'

'Umm... yes, I am'

'They aren't REAL musicians.'

And so ended the conversation. I thought it was an incredibly odd moment, but I still love ya PUSA!

iPAQ h6315/h6300 Tracker

It is probably pretty easy to figure out that I am slightly obsessive person, however I tend to obsess about objects, not people, so I think it is pretty harmless (and one reason why I don't drink).

Faithful readers (I like to pretend that there are an army of faithful readers of this blog out there) will no doubt remember that I was very interested in the HP iPaq h6315, and in fact I was able to my job to provide on for me (I can be very persuasive).

Looks like Greg Keene's iPAQ h6315/h6300 Tracker will be a great resource for all us bleeding edge, iPaq toting geeks.

It has already been worth my while since I was able to find out about ThunderHawk, which completely kicks IE's butt.

Tainted Love on the gramophone

Becky says that Max Raabe is the cat's pajamas, and I am inclined to agree.

He and the Palast Orchester perform songs from the 20's and 30's, but they also cover more contemporary songs such as Tainted Love, file provided by Trout Fishing in South-Central Wisonsin (I have subscribed to Trout Fishing, and I recommend you do the same), which is where Becky found out about Max in the first place.

Now I have a new quirky thing to obsess over for the next few days! Ain't the interweb grand?

Mmm, free Flex. Tastes great, less billing

Ben Forta writes about the Flex Non-Commercial / Non-Institutional Deployment License

The newly announced Macromedia Flex non-commercial/non-institutional deployment license enables individuals, including students, technology educators and individual developers to build and deploy Flex applications at no cost (except for a small shipping and handling fee). Participants also receive 1 license of Macromedia Flex Builder, the Macromedia IDE for Flex. Details in the updated Flex FAQ at

I like the looks of Flex, and would like to try it out, but alas I am a busy man; a busy, important man.

Please don't Benchmark the Display Macs

Barred From the Apple Store is a slightly sensationalist article from Wired:

To nurture a community vibe at its retail stores, Apple Computer encourages customers to hang out and play around with the equipment. The stores are pretty liberal: Customers can stay as long as they want, surfing the net, checking e-mail or videoconferencing for free.

But when it comes to running an unofficial hardware test lab, Apple draws the line.

It makes perfect sense to me that Apple would not want a popular benchmarking site like Barefeats to perform tests on machines that were not setup with such tasks in mind. Who knows that people have done to those machines during the course of a normal shopping day.

And it all ended well, Apple is sending him a brand new iMac to benchmark.

Hey, Apple, why don't you send me an iMac to review?

The Man Who Grasped the Heavens' Gravitas

newton.jpgThe New York Times has a great piece called The Man Who Grasped the Heavens' Gravitas about the new exhibit at the New York Public Library called The Newtonian Moment: Science and the Making of Modern Culture:

Newton's stature as one of the greatest figures in the history of science, and the influence of his ideas on the wider culture for more than two centuries, is the subject of a thoughtful and engaging exhibition at the New York Public Library. The show, "The Newtonian Moment: Science and the Making of Modern Culture," opens today and will run through Feb. 5.

I have a few personal heroes and Newton is definitely one of them. I think a trip to New York is in order, too bad my philistine New York friends probably won't be interested in this.

Dred Scott is always relevant

Jarrett House North asks:

Did Bush just bring in Dred Freakin’ Scott in an answer to the Supreme Court question? Way to show you were paying attention in history class, Mr. Bush, but relevance?

Yes, yes he did. But now we all know Bush is against slavery, I didn't hear Mr. Kerry weigh in on that. Interesting, isn't it?

Sigh, the debate is almost over and the two candidates seem to agree more than they disagree, but gosh when they disagree they raise their voices so it must be significant, right?

I wonder if I should add a 'politics' category.

Presidential Debates

I have C-SPAN on, and I am watching the much anticipated Second Presidential Debate (or as I like to call it, 'Return of the Let's Avoid the Real Issues').

Now, I know a lot of people don't care for Pres. Bush, and a lot of people don't care for Sen. Kerry, but one thing you have to admit is that Pres. Bush is much funnier than Sen. Kerry.

Sen. Kerry was talking about small businesses and said that the President earns $84 from a timber company that the President earns.

W's rebuttal started off:

"I own a timber company? That's news to me."

Pause, and looks directly at Charlie Gibson:

"Wanna buy some wood?"

Now that's comedy.

Hyper-Runt in Philly, and I'm in Philly!

Hyper-Runt looks very interesting, and a mere dozen or so blocks from my humble home:

HYPER-RUNT is an exhibition of experimental art projects by Bigtwin, Shawn Brixey, David Brody, Bradley Eros, klip//collective, Ken Goldberg, Natalie Jeremijenko, Yael Kanarek, Mark Napier, MTAA, Joseph Nechvatal, neuroTransmitter, and Caterina Verde. The artists were asked to submit those peculiar projects which rose up out of the creative process and took on an insistent life of their own, either in the studio or out in the public arena. These works do not fit snugly in the usual litter of cultural categories.

I just might amble down the road and check out this crazy art for myself.

When bloggers swarm

Wired has this interesting story about a Prof Pursued by Mob of Bloggers:

David Hailey says he didn't know much about blogs before he flipped on his office computer one late September morning and watched hate mail flood into his inbox.

Author of a report claiming that the controversial CBS News Texas Air National Guard memos could have been produced on a typewriter, the Utah State University associate professor of technical communications didn't know he had become fodder for vigilant political blogs and discussion boards. To liberals, the report was proof that CBS was in the clear -- making it another claim for conservatives to debunk.

Griffin radioSHARK

radioshark.jpgWhat is the deal with mixing cases in product names now a days? It irks me.

The latest product that does this is the Griffin radioSHARK. Griffin is best known for making that blue throbbing knobby thing.

Macsimum News, the newest Mac News site on the block with a silly name sat down with Griffin spokesperson Andrew Green:

It may be PC-compatible as well as Mac compatible, but the radioSHARK is designed to be part of the digital hub/digital lifestyle that Apple CEO Steve Jobs has touted many times. The US$69.99 device from Griffin Technology adds an AM/FM radio to any Mac or PC and can record a AM or FM radio broadcast in real time. You can also program it to record a scheduled show and to “pause” live radio.

Walter Mossberg reviews it:

If radioShark were smarter, it could be a sensation. For now, though, it's more of a curiosity, or a tool for radio enthusiasts with a good sense of station schedules and time to invest.

Orablogs, It was a wild ride

Well, just about as soon I was added to Orablogs, I have been taken off of Orablogs.

You see, Blankbaby has very little overall Oracle content so it wasn't a perfect fit and it seems several people were 'miffed' about my non-technical ramblings intermixed with Jive portlets for OracleAS Portal and Tip : Improving Performance By Using IPC Connections To Local Databases.

At least Brian Duff still likes me, and really isn't that all that matters?