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Beware High Flying Pumpkins

How do you spell TLA?

Thursday, Sept. 30th I got to see my favorite band, They Might Be Giants, with Julie and Kim.

I was very excited, and in fact Julie remarked that this was the most excited that she has ever seen me. I am not that excitable of a guy, so that was about as excited as I get. She was just lucky I wasn't feeling silly and excited or I would have been acting very goofy.

Anywho, this was possibly the best They Might Be Giants show I have ever seen. They were totally rocking out, and the crowd could feel it.

Sam was there, and I was hoping to meet her and her husband, but sadly the place was very crowded, and Sam has a small bladder and TLA's bathrooms are not very nice it seems.

If you live in or around Philadelphia and are a TMBG fan and you weren't at that concert, I feel sorry for you.

I took some pictures, so have a gander.

Oh, and after the show I bought the opening act's cd, and he signed it for me. Corn Mo rocks!