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Star Trek: Nemesis

nemesisThis being the 10th in the series of Star Trek movies, common Star Trek logic says that it should be good. If you are not a Trekker, let me explain; there is a belief that all odd numbered Star Treks are bad (Final Frontier, Search for Spock) and all even numbered Trek movies are good (Wrath of Khan, First Contact).

Does Nemesis live up to this? Sadly, it doesn't. It isn't an awful movie, it just seems a bit off. Romulans have always been good bad guys, however for some reason this movie felt the need to create a new version of Romulans called (cleverly) Remans. For years the Remans struggled as slave labor for the Romulans on the world of Remus. Under the leadership of a clone of Capt. Picard the Remans rise up and gain control of the Romulan Star Empire so that the Picard Clone can destroy Earth because he doesn't feel loved.

Oh, and Data dies, but the movie doesn't dwell on that.

Anyway, the Romulan War Bird has been upgraded for this film, and if you ask me it looks pretty cool:


Too bad they are in all of 5 minutes of the movie.

Overall, it was an OK Star Trek movie, but it had the potential to be one of the best.

And yes ladies, I am single!

Live long, and prosper.

Japan Deploys Solar Sail Film In Space

Japan Deploys Solar Sail Film In Space

ISAS launched a small rocket S-310-34 from Uchinoura Space Center in Kagoshima, Japan, at 15:15, August 9, 2004 (Japan Standard Time). The launch was the culmination of a historic new technology, the world-first successful full-fledged deployment of big films for solar sail.

Soon we will all be living on the moon eating cheese and sipping on Tang.

Mike Zornek THINKS he has a Book addiction

And here is his proof.

I have one word for you, Mike: amateur.

You're talking to a man who just bought 13 books in 30 minutes here. OK, so he isn't talking to anyone, but hey it is a nice turn of phrase.

Anyway, let's take a look around stately Blankbaby Manor:

First off, the books that I have purchased but have not read yet (currently around 59 books, and this number will only grow):


If you look closely you will see that I am even using two books to hold up my Air Conditioner. Yet, I'm that classy. And resistance is futile, ladies.

Let us cast our gaze to my desk:


I needed something to hold up a heavy monitor that is sitting on that wooden platform, so I used some books. That pin tells the world that I am a 'Certified Macromedia Professional.' Jealous yet?

Onto the livingroom, where the books that I have read line the wall:


OK, there are some DVD's mixed in, but for the most part they are all books.

And finally, on top of the fridge not only do we find clutter and some russian dolls, but some books:


So, Mike, who has a book addiction? Hmm?

Of course Mike has a home office, and I don't, so he wins on that point.

A Year of Typepad

I have been so busy doing, well nothing, that I have over looked this site's one year anniversary! It has been a crazy ride, and here are some of my personal favorite posts:

Feel free to add any of your favorite posts of mine to the comments. That is assuming that anyone, other than me, has a favorite post on this here blog.

Overall, I have enjoyed typepad and I am going to renew for a second year.

Oh, and before I forget, here are some Blankbaby stats:

Total posts: 716 (not including this one)
Total Comments: 294
Total Number of Hits: 21385

Oh, and I forgot to point to a few fellow Typepaders one year anniversary posts:

i spy gemini: I Spy One Year

smitten: sui generis: one whole year!

All the cool kids are using Stored Procedures

Macromedia has posted an article onUsing Stored Procedures with ColdFusion for the beginner.

The scenario: You are a ColdFusion developer and your boss has asked you to create a simple web-based employee directory using ColdFusion to access stored procedures that the database administration group of your company created. For security reasons, you can only use stored procedures, not direct queries, to access the data from a sensitive personnel database. How do you succeed at developing the application?

Worth a look if you are thinking about using Stored Procedures in your Coldfusion, but you don't know where to start.

Wired News: Fark Sells Out. France Surrenders

Wired News: Fark Sells Out. France Surrenders, one of the most popular blogs on the Net, has been accused of selling out -- joining a growing list of new-media outfits willing to bend old-media rules.

According to a veteran new-media publisher, Fark has been selling preferential placement of story links without informing its readers.

Jason Calacanis, publisher of several rival Weblogs Inc. blogs, claims Fark offered him highly placed links to his sites in return for several hundred dollars.

I don't really think of Fark as a trusted news source, so I am not very shocked or concerned about this dicovery; I mean come on, a large portion of their posts deal with boobies.

I was the 2 millionth customer and all I got was all this free stuff!

MacMinute: SoHo Apple Store celebrates two million customers

Apple's SoHo retail store in New York City celebrated its two million customer today by giving away more than US$2,000 in Apple gear to a lucky customer. "Around 4:00 p.m. on Friday, August 6th, our two millionth customer, Christine Quiqless, came through the front door of the Apple Store in SoHo. She was awarded a 12-inch iBook G4, silver iPod mini, Airport Express and other gifts. While shopping elsewhere, Christine begged her friend to stop by the Apple Store to look at 12-inch iBooks. Her PC laptop had recently died and was ready to make the 'switch' to Mac. After winning, she decided to spend some time shopping for a printer and other accessories for her new computer."

I am glad to see a switcher won. Welcome to the fold, Christine!

Do these socks match

I used to think that I could be a web designer, why I thought this I don't really know. Sure, I know HTML but I am partially color blind. I know good design when I see it, but I really don't know where to start with a design. I can accomplish a bare bones look, but nothing else.

So why am I blathering on about this? Well, I am getting a little tired of this template that I am using on this site. Since I have to renew my subscription to Typepad soon, I might spring for the next level of membership and be able to control the template, and have my own design.

The problem, which should be clear to you now, is that I can't design a good one for myself. I am thinking of using Bryan Bell's Brushed Adamant.

The good thing is that is a great looking theme, and it is free, but it just another template.

I could hire someone to design a nice unique design for Blankbaby, but then I would have to pay for it, and I like to avoid paying for things.

So, do I have any web designer fans out there that want to design a site for me on the cheap?

I remember when I had a low THAC0

20siderAt the risk of sounding like a giant geek... wait a second, I am a giant geek!

That makes this post much easier.

I miss roleplaying. Ahh, the evening spent huddled around a coffe table with friends rolling dice, drinking soda, and laughing. I need to slay a dragon, or destory a gigantic robot.

Know what I mean?


timelineI wish I had access to a time machine, so I can get back the 116 minutes I wasted on this movie.

Don't get me wrong, I am as big a fan of Billy Connolly as the next guy. I loved his work in 'Head of the Class,' but he is wasted in this movie.

Can someone explain to me how Paul Walker has become famous? I suppose he is good looking, but he can't act worth a croissant.

Overall this movie made me wish I was born in medieval France, so there would have been absolutely no chance of ever seeing this movie.

I, Robot

irobotI wish they had named this movie something else, I really do. I have nothing but respect for the achievements of Isaac Asimov.

When I was in highschool I went on a real Asimov kick, reading anything I could find that he wrote, and there was a lot to find. This list contains 464 books that the good Doctor penned while he was alive, and it is just an estimate. He wrote all the time.

Anyway back to the movie, which was "suggested by the book by Isaac Asimov," has almost nothing to do with the book. However, it was a pretty good SciFi movie. The real star of this movie are the robots, in particular Sonny. The special effects are worth the price of admission alone, and the acting that fuels Sonny's performance was very good.

Don't go into this movie expecting an arthouse film, or a faithful retelling of the book. If you go in expecting a fun summer movie you will not be disappointed.

But you don't have to take my word on it, you can take Glenn's.