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Continuing my rambling about PocketPC's

ipaqvipaqWell I have decided that I am getting an Ipaq, and since I know all my lovely readers really care about which one I end up buying, so here are the two finalists:

I have almost bought the iPAQ h4350 a few times, but they were all sold out each time I asked about it.

Both of these devices would do nicely for me. The h4350 is faster, but the h6315 would act as my cell phone and my PDA, plus I could get rid of my land line and enter the 21st century. The only thing that is holding me back from getting the h6315 is the cost of the plan. For $80 a month (yes, you read that correctly), you get 1000 anywhere minutes, unlimited GPRS, and unlimited access to T-Mobile HotSpots. Factoring in that I would replace my work phone with this phone, and get rid of my home phone it isn't that expensive.

However, I really do like the integrated keyboard that the h4350 offers, but at least the h6315 has a detachable keyboard.

I am leaning towards the h6315, but I can't help but wonder, What would Jesus do?