Does this mean I'm actually Internet famous now?


Those who are close to me know one thing, above all else, about me: my name isn't Dick Michael Michaels. And yet, according to this Facebook profile Mr. Michaels (if that is your real name, and it probably isn't) looks almost exactly like me.

Here's the picture he nabbed from me (it is from this blog post about stepping out of your comfort zone).

For some reason Mr. Michaels is impersonating me on Facebook, and harassing people (mostly Yankees Fans.. if Gruber were on Facebook no doubt my social media doppelgänger would be harassing him as well).

Thanks to Jon for sending me a link to this dude's Facebook profile (you have to be logged into Facebook to see it). I've reported him as an impersonator so we'll see how long it takes Facebook to realize that I'm the One True Scott McNulty.

Accept no substitutes.

On Twitter my bio is "I'm almost Internet famous." I think this incident nudged me a little closer to full on Internet fame.

Buy my books, in Kindle format!

Anyone who reads this blog knows two things about me: I love money and I enjoy promoting myself. Amazon has long had a service that made it possible for me to do both of these things at once: the Amazon Associates program. With Amazon Associate links I get a omission (or "kick back") from Amazon based on what you buy after following the link.

That's why I always link to my books using Amazon links, because I hope that people finding my blog will fall in love with it and then immediately buy every book I've written (in five years I've earned almost $84 with this tactic. I'm well on my way to saying goodbye to the day job). However, for the longest time Amazon wasn't allowing people to get these fees with Kindle books (and I love me some Kindles). That has all changed, though, so feel free to order the Kindle versions of these fine books:

I've also added a little Kindle ad to the right hand sidebar on my blog. I'm not expecting many people to actually buy a Kindle via this blog, but I figured why the heck not?

Writing: Lifestyle or Job?

In addition to being a wildly unstable, lonely occupation with an insane income spread, there are other drawbacks to being a writer.


I don't rate myself in the same league as Charlie Stross as a writer, but his blog post is a must read for anyone looking to get into the writing gig. Sure, I'm a tech book author, but generally speaking I'm a pretty successful author and I haven't laid the foundation on Blankbaby Manor just yet.

See America


I don't know what it is, perhaps because I am getting older, or because I feel more settled... but I've been on a bit of a home furnishings kick.

I haven't ordered these framed posters yet (because Marisa rightly pointed out that I already have lots of art that needs framing) but I'm blogging it to remember them.

Something about this particular style appeals to me. Given my love of Mission and Arts and Crafts stuff, it is clear I was born about 70 or 80 years too late (though, what did people DO at work without computers and the Internet? Seriously, what did they do? Did they mimeograph funny pictures of cats and send them to one another via inter-office mail?).

Scott Explains

scottexplains.jpgWhen my lovely wife Marisa decided to part ways with Slashfood I assured her it was a good idea. I said, "Now is your chance to build something of your own! No longer do you need to be a slave to a giant corporation telling you what you need to blog about!"

She took my advice and started a very successful canning blog called Food in Jars (go ahead and visit it, and subscribe to the feed. I'll wait).

Of course, Food in Jars didn't take off right away. Marisa worked hard on it, posted lots of great stuff, and people took notice (she was even nominated for a fancy pants foodblogging award).

All the while I was thinking, "Hey, if Marisa can do it, why can't I?!" I've been blogging about technology for a good long while for other people.. so why not launch my very own Mac news blog?

I pondered that very question for a few moments and quickly realized that the world doesn't need yet another Mac news blog. That market is more saturated than something very saturated indeed.

I went back to the drawing board. I thought about what the people I admire in the independent blog publishing world all had in common: passion. That's the ticket! But what am I passionate about?

Over the last couple of years I've written a couple of books, and they haven't sold too badly (well, I wouldn't mind it if a few more people bought my Kindle book, but what can you do?). These books are all technical books, you know the sort. They teach folks how to use a piece of software or a gizmo or some such. That's when it hit me: I enjoy writing tutorials.

Why not launch a blog dedicated to teach people how to use the technology they already have? Brilliant (if I do say so myself!). And so I present to you, uncaring Internet, Scott Explains.

At the moment there is only one post up, detailing how to turn off that dumb 'Send from my iPad' email signature that is on by default on Apple's latest and greatest geegaw, but there will soon be more.

Why launch now? Over the years I've had many a great idea but I've always been flummoxed by my uncanny ability to over-think things to death. I figured the only way I would actually ever do Scott Explains was by actually launching it.

Talking to people about golf in 3D

For ye olde day job I'm often tasked with mixing and mingling with a crowd, and interviewing folks about the topic of whatever event I'm at. I'm also in charge (most of the time) of editing the resulting video (though generally I don't have to shoot the video, which is fantastic).

The other day we had a 3D viewing party, and I grabbed a microphone, a camera guy, and worked the crowd. I enjoyed how the video came out, so I thought I would share it.

Czech it out, my book in Czech

Holy crap, they translated my book!

I've got to admit that being a published author is kind of cool.

When we got back to the apartment tonight there was a package waiting for me. When the front desk guy handed it to me I thought, "Have I ordered something and forgotten about it?"

I ripped open the package when we got into the apartment and found four copies of my WordPress book. It would seem it has been translated into Czech (neat) and so I get four author's copies.

It is a little odd to have written a book and then see it translated into a language you, yourself, don't read (they even had someone retake all the screenshots so that they're in Czech too).

You know what this means! More royalties for me! And, I suppose, since I only need one copy for myself I'll be giving away the other three copies.

So, if you can read Czech and want a copy of my book leave a comment on this post.

Conspicuous Consumption Friday: iPad pre-order edition

Note: I wrote this last Friday, but neglected to hit the 'Send to Weblog' button in MarsEdit. Travel back in time with me, won't you? All the way to March 12, 2010!

ipad-1.jpgTo say that I enjoy Apple products might be a slight understatement. I'm a fan.

You probably have heard of the iPad, thanks to Apple's truly remarkable marketing power (so powerful, it is, that it doesn't even APPEAR to be marketing to most people... even those in the press. I recall earlier this year a former Apple PR person wrote a post, which I can't find, describing how Apple sometimes leaks stories to the press itself. The scandal!). Anyway, you might not have known that iPads are now available for pre-order. In fact, they became available to pre-order this morning at 8:30am.

Here's my order confirmation:


Notice the time, 05:35 AM PST. Yep, I was on my computer at exactly 8:30am pre-ordering a silly gadget. My order would have gone through a few minutes earlier but Apple's store was having a little trouble, so I had to reload the page.

Clearly, I need help but at least I don't live on the West Coast so I didn't have to wake up at 5am to order a device I've never even touched. That would just be silly.

I know what you're thinking, "Scott, why didn't you get the iPad with 3G wireless access and more memory?" Because I ALWAYS have my iPhone with me, so my iPad doesn't need to have 3G (plus WiFi is plentiful in the places that I find myself most often) and I don't think I'll putting much music or movies on my iPad. 16 GB is good enough for now (and I'll eventually replace this iPad with the newer, shiner one that Apple is almost certainly already planning to release).

bitmonster.jpgFrom the high tech to the low tech, My orgy of buying continued! I also nabbed myself one of 200 Bit Monsters Letterpress Prints from Simple Bits.

I did this without consulting Marisa, though when I showed it to her she said, "That's totally you." Which, I suppose, is a good thing. I am fairly certain that she would never have purchased something like that herself, but marriage is all about compromise (and we haven't yet had the discussion as to where we will be displaying this... especially since I'll need to get it framed first and I have about 8 other odds and ends that I need to get framed that I've had for varying lengths of time. The placement discussion might take awhile to get to).

Anyway, it is letterpressed which I think is cool and it features some pixalated creatures (monsters, I suppose) which I also enjoy. You can watch the process that went into make this by checking out this movie (maybe they were making my print during the filming!).