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September 20, 2005


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» More of that Blog Article from Aarrgghh!!
The Blog Article from the Philadelphia Inquirer is realling making the rounds. Scott has it that it now appears in: The Billing Gazette The Charlotte Observer The Austin American-Statesman This in addition to the three other spots I listed earlier,... [Read More]


Scott McNulty

Blankbaby is known to his friends as Scott McNulty (though he is @blankbaby on Twitter). He writes this blog, used to co-host (with Marisa) Fork You, infrequently contributes to Macworld, and authors tech books.

Everything on this blog is Scott's opinion, and his opinion alone. It in no way reflects the opinions of his employers, friends, concerned passers-by, or anyone else for that matter. But you're smart, you knew that already.

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