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May 22, 2005


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» My Baton from SkaroffBlog
I've got a much more substantial post about this weekend's Italian Market Festival brewing in my head, but to satiate my blogging needs for now I'll humor Scott and fill out this quiz. Bear in mind, I would normally boycott these, but this one's abou... [Read More]

» Not a meme from Good Grief!
Knowing that I hate memes, Scott—Mr. Blankbaby and Philadelphia's so-called most influential weblogger—kindly tagged me to do one about music. [Read More]

» Baton Twirling from The Long Cut
Okay, another day, another meme. Two, actually. After Scott tagged me, I was tagged (again!) by Karen. I promise that this blog won't become all meme all the time, but these two are music-based and I won't rest until my [Read More]


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