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The Musical Baton

This has been going around the 'blogosphere' like wild fire (I love tortured uses of cliches), and now Emily has passed it to me (see her's here).

Here I go:

Total size of music files on my computer:

4060 songs, 8.9 days worth of sound, 15.75 Gigs of space. It is also all on my iPod.

The last CD I bought was:

Songs for Silverman by Ben Folds.

Song playing right now in iTunes:

Whistling in the Dark by They Might Be Giants

Five Songs I listen to a lot, or mean a lot to me:

I'll just pick the top 5 most played songs in iTunes, which are:

Common People by William Shatner off of Has Been (listened to 35 times)

Houston by Dean Martin off of His Greatest Hits (30 times)

Tainted Love by Max Raabe off of Super Hits Number 2 (27 times)

Stalk of Wheat by They Might Be Giants off of The Spine (26 times)

Murdered Love by XTC off of Apple Venus Volume 2 (26 times)

Now I have to pass this off to 5 other people, so let's make it a Philly blog thing:

Becky of Good Grief! (because she hates these things)

Mark of The Long Cut (because he is into these things)

Karl of paraox1x (because he has some interesting musical tastes)

Star of Sarcasmo's Corner (because I have to watch Funny Girl because of her)

Josh of SkaroffBlog (because he is the new kid on the block and this might be his very first meme!)