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The Best Four Days After Christmas Ever!

Last week Dave asked me if I had any plans for Wednesday, and since I didn't I told him no. He responded, 'You do now.' I enjoy Dave's company so it sounded good to me, so being a fairly normal person I inquired as to what said plans were. He wouldn't tell me.


After grilling him for awhile he still wouldn't tell me, so I let it go (OK, I didn't let it go, I kept asking him every-time I spoke with him).

Julie emailed me and mentioned something about my Amazon wishlist and people purchasing things from it for me. I told her I didn't think that was going to happen; I had put it on the blog because it is a new feature and I thought the graphics it produces were pretty cool. She responded, 'Stranger things have happened.'


Tuesday Julie said to me, 'So, I hear you have plans with David.' I replied in the affirmative and she, being a fairly normal person, inquired as to what said plans were. I said, 'Oh it is some sort of secret, but I am sure it will be mildly disappointing.' Julie wondered why in the world I would say such a thing. I espoused my feeling that many times I have been told there is a surprise so I get all worked up and it turns out to be something fairly mundane. Hence, mildly disappointing.


Some people may have put these occurrences together, but I didn't. I am a little oblivious to things.

Fast forward to today (well, technically yesterday). Dave calls me and tells me he is on his way, but we need to stop at Julie's house because she left her cell phone in his car after they had an afternoon interlude. OK, says I.

Dave gets to my apartment and I hop into his car. Off to Julie's we go, and Dave still won't tell me where our final destination is.

I am nominated to run the phone into Julie's since Dave says we are running late and he gets caught up chatting with Julie whenever he stops by her house. This sounds about right to me, so I agree to run the phone in (I tend to enjoy avoiding all kinds of running).

I ring the bell, Julie answers (wearing a Pixies t-shirt by the way). She invites me in to see Owen's (her son) train table, which I had expressed an interest in seeing earlier. I almost told her that Dave and I didn't have time for me to stop in, but I didn't (which turned out was a good thing, but it would have been pretty funny if I had).

I walk into Julie's house and I see Hilary, and Maura. I look at Julie and she says, 'It is a surprise Christmas for you!' Then everyone says surprise, and I was, in fact, completely surprised (and not disappointed in the least).

Julie asked me if I was excited, which I was, but unfortunately I tend not to be outwardly excited so I don't know if Julie believed me (but I really was excited, Julie! Honest.).

There was all kinds of cheese and snacks to be had, and Julie and Hilary provided copious amounts of champagne (Hilary had no idea that champagne is the only alcohol I will drink, she just wanted to being champagne with her. It was quite tasty). Dinner and dessert were to be had as soon as Owen went to bed.

I was impressed and touched by the fact that they had all gathered to merrymake with me, since my Christmas wasn't all that fantastic (I couldn't go see my mother since she had to work, and it was up in the air if my bro would be able to come down, but he did so that was fun). I thought the surprise was over and we would just chat and eat for a little while, however, little did I know there were presents (hence the whole wishlist comment).

I didn't know what to say, and I still don't, but I did utter 'Thanks' fairly often, so I hope that conveyed my thanks sufficiently.

Just when I thought the surprises were over there was one last special guest left. The doorbell rang, and who should walk in by my old college chum, and frequent roomie in college, Owen (not Julie's Owen, but rather Big Owen)! Talk about unexpected! And he even had a gift for me, which was unnecessary since he did have to make the trek from Allentown to Philly, but much appreciated.

After little Owen settled in for the night dinner was had and I was informed that the food choices were complicated by my particular tastes; I still don't think I am all that picky. The dinner was delicious (except for the green beans, which I despise, but I won't mention that for fear of seeming petty). Dessert was served after some chatting, and it was equally delicious. Everyone, other than me, ate some fruit cobbler, but since I don't like fruit I was provided with a Boston Cream Pie which was very good.

After dessert we played a rousing game of Trivial Pursuit (my favorite board game of all time), and Julie and I were defeated by the combined forces of Dave, Owen, and Hilary. Maura was filled to the gills, as well as tired, so she passed out on the couch while we pursued trivia.

I should mention that frequent commenter, and old college chum, Thad was invited but due to the fact that he is in Boston he couldn't make it. Becky, of Good Grief! fame, was invited as well, but she was spending time chillin with the Amish, and couldn't make it (however she did mail a gift, which was very nice. Thanks, Becky!).

I can't think of a better way of spending an evening than with those fine people. It wasn't about the food, the presents, or the champagne; all of which were very nice in their own right, but about the people.

Thanks again folks, it meant a lot to me.

Oh, and I suppose this answers the question that was asked of me several times tonight, 'Are you going to blog about this?'

No, no I am not.